Wholesale Banking

Providing services to larger clients, such as corporations, high net worth individuals, other financial institutions, and government agencies, we are pleased to be able to serve these clients wanting to take advantage of our premier banking products and services.

The concept of wholesale banking is one which Global Bank of Commerce is proud to be a pioneering financial institution in the Caribbean region offering these types of services. This service also expands the role of the Bank in the domestic market as, in keeping with the amended legislation, it encourages participation in non-retail sectors which are seeking better tailored financial solutions. 

“Wholesale banking” provides financial solutions to large domestic and international corporates, institutional customers and public companies. It supplies a diversified range of services within corporate banking, investment banking, capital markets products and transaction products. Wholesale Banking combines all wholesale activity (customers and products) in one area, and enables a sharper client focus and execution.

In this manner, GBC offers  banking services to high-net worth individuals and organizations such as government entities/agencies, government contracted foreign companies, mortgage brokers, large corporate clients, mid-sized companies, real estate developers and investors, international financial services, electronic financial processing services, Immigration and Citizenship by Investment (CIP) services, trade finance businesses, institutional customers (such as banks, pension funds and credit unions), and fiduciary services dealing with the purchase-sale-exchange of bonds, securities, commodities and digital assets.

The Global Bank team is available to support both local and international investors with solutions to enable their development plans.

Contact us if you are interested in any of our wholesale banking services, or if you want to find out more.