CIP Banking Services

CIP Banking Services

Antigua and Barbuda has invested considerable time and research efforts with internationally recognised compliance enforcement organizations to design an investment process that could safely assess a qualified applicant for its citizenship and passport. 

Known as a top-tier tourism destination in the Caribbean, the independent jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda has long been a second home in winter months to many celebrities and wealthy families from North America and Europe. Today, the twin-island nation with a combined size of 442 square kilometres and a population of under 100,000 is opening its doors to welcome investors who will qualify for its citizenship. In the post-Covid-19 environment, the eligibility to reside in a second home located in a relatively low-risk and low-population jurisdiction is also an attractive option.  And, as a citizen you will have Visa-free travel to more than 150 countries, including the UK, Schengen zone, Hong Kong, Singapore and more.

Similar programmes exist in Britain, Canada and the United States and also other Caribbean jurisdictions. In the CIP, an investor may apply for citizenship through three investment mechanisms: 1) a Real Estate Option which permits him to purchase property in Antigua and Barbuda with a minimum value of US $400,000.00 in a designated resort zone; 2) a contribution of minimum US $100,000.00 to a National Development Fund; 3) a business investment of US $1.5 million.

GBC’s Investment Unit provides information to clients on portfolio management services including CIP procedures and requirements. In today’s global village, and more so since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not unusual for investors to consider a second citizenship, residence and bank relationship as part of the “new normal” for their portfolio. The Unit also facilitates various steps including the provision of CIP Agents who will manage applications, offer banking services and arrange attorneys to complete land transactions on behalf of clients desirous of obtaining citizenship in Antigua. Applicants can also get advice on the approved real estate developments that are being undertaken which can facilitate the CIP investment in real estate and provide a second home for the investors.

Your One-stop shop

Global Bank’s CIP service offers potential citizenship by investment applicants a streamlined route to gaining Antiguan and Barbudan citizenship. Working closely with the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) the regulatory authority for the programme, GBC has garnered significant experience since the inception of the CIP programme. GBC holds a number of relationships with authorized CIP agents and is confident in recommending these experienced agents to help you through the process.

Once you’ve chosen an agent, the steps are easy:

  1. Submit your documents, which will then undergo screenings by both the CIP Agent and the Bank, to ensure your safety and security.
  2. Easily transfer funds through GBC to your Agent to facilitate the screening process.
  3. Once approved, you complete your application process by transferring the funds for your preferred CIP option to the CIU via Global Bank.

As your “one stop shop”, you can complete the CIP process from beginning to end using Global Bank as your centralized station.

The CIU and the Bank take your safety seriously and will ensure strict confidentiality during your application process for a banking relationship and your CIP application, which may take about 3 months to complete depending on the due diligence processes. Let us help you make your new home in paradise. 

Why Antigua?

Antigua and Barbuda, with its 365 white sand beaches, has become equally attractive to the more discriminating visitor as well as the investor seeking a friendly economic base for business and banking. As an independent jurisdiction, it attracts international investors from Latin America, Europe and the Far East seeking Caribbean based banking services who wish to balance their portfolios with investments in Antigua and Barbuda, and who also have an interest in real estate investment in the jurisdiction. Increasingly, investors have been purchasing properties in Antigua & Barbuda as vacation and second homes. Such investments, together with a satisfactory due diligence procedure, may also qualify them for citizenship under the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP). The application for citizenship is only granted on the basis of approved persons and families who satisfy a high international standard of due diligence requirements and qualify in respect of making personal investments in Antigua and Barbuda.

Click here to learn more about Antigua, its business and financial centres and its regulatory environment. 

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