Card and EFT Services

Card and EFT Services

Explore a world of convenience with your GBC pre-loaded debit cards.

UPI Prepaid Personal Debit Card

The UnionPay Prepaid card is your ideal choice to store your GBC funds and access them when you travel abroad, or purchase online from anywhere in the world.

Today, as a UnionPay Prepaid cardholder, you have access to your cash in local currency, in over 170 countries at UnionPay network ATMs, and you can make purchases at millions of points-of-sale and global merchants online and offline via the UnionPay payments scheme, with an unrivalled acceptance network in China.  Enjoy peace of mind by operating with a stored value of your funds, accessible with PIN-enhanced security associated with your UnionPay Prepaid card. The GBC UnionPay Prepaid card is now available in USD and soon can be requested in other international currencies.


  • Secure pre-funding from your account to be stored on your card for making payments, or can be loaded to authorised coporate cards issued to pay staff, agents, resellers, customers and
    other B2C and B2B clients in other countries
  • Suitable loading and usage limits
  • Usage at traditional and online merchants and ATMs for cash withdrawal
  • Easy access to customer online and mobile portal to track usage and balances


  • Faster and lower cost payments than traditional wire transfers
  • Economical fees for the cardholder
  • EMV secure and PIN based
  • Large and growing acceptance at merchants and ATMs:
    – Asia-wide acceptance
    – Canada acceptance
    – Europe acceptance
    – USA acceptance at all Discover branded merchant POS and Pulse ATM network
    – Growing LAC acceptance

Global Processing Centre

GBC’s affiliate, Global Processing Centre (GPC), is well positioned to support international business with its modern EFT platform. Operating with TranzAxis, a specialist open application development platform, GPC is able to address a much broader spectrum of payment processing and retail banking automation tasks, going far beyond the architectural and conceptual frameworks of the many advanced electronic payments systems. TranzAxis represents the next generation platform specifically designed to meet the challenges presented by emerging payment technologies such as mobile and A2A (card-less and tokenised) payments. GPC is ready to enable the development and support of a great variety of advanced systems, applications and technological solutions as well as financial products and services that fall within the remit of payments and retail banking.

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