Personal Banking

Personal Banking

We offer a range of services to help individuals manage their finances, whether doing business locally or internationally or saving for a rainy day. We provide globally competitive interest rates on savings accounts and guaranteed interest rates for fixed term deposits. Manage your account anywhere in the world via secure online banking and access your funds around the world with one of our card products.

Operating Account

Serving your essential banking needs here and overseas. Seamless and secure money transfers in various currencies and 24/7 access via online banking

Minimum opening balance: US$5,000
Monthly service fee: US$10
Non-interest bearing
Statements: Via internet banking. Mailing upon request at US$20
Best for: Everyday transaction activity

Savings Account

A great low investment, high interest starter account that can help you save for any short or long term goal.

Minimum opening balance: US$5,000
Monthly service fee: US$10
Competitive interest: Payable quarterly on minimum quarterly balance
Statements: Via internet banking. Mailing upon request at US$20
Deficiency charge: US$25 if balance falls below $2,500 during any month
Best for: Personal savings with competitive interest

Fixed Term Deposits

As a fixed term deposit with a guaranteed interest rate, this deposit product is one of our lower risk investment options offering attractive returns. Terms can be fixed for periods up to 3 years are negotiable based on the value of the investment.

Minimum value: US$25,000. Values over US$10,000,000 will be individually negotiated
Rates: Fixed for a minimum of 6 months to 3 years
Interest: Payable semi-annually or annually. Not subject to the deduction of withholding tax
Maturity Terms: On maturity of the fixed term, unless written instructions have been received from the customer to the contrary, interest will be capitalized and the deposit will be renewed automatically for a similar period at the then prevailing interest rate
Best for: Low risk investment

Personal Debit Card

Access your GBC funds when you travel abroad, or purchase online from anywhere in the world. Enjoy peace of mind with a UnionPay International (UPI) stored value and PIN-enhanced security. Available in USD and soon in other international currencies.

Key Features:

  • Secure, pre-loaded from your GBC accounts, thereby eliminating any opportunity for unauthorised intrusion in your account
  • Access to your cash in local currency at very competitive conversion rates
  • Over 170 countries at UnionPay network ATMs
  • Millions of points-of-sale and global merchants online and offline via the UnionPay payments scheme
  • Unrivalled acceptance network in China and Asia